BMW of Fort Lauderdale: Ultimate Driving Luxury Unveiled


BMW of Fort Lauderdale is a premium dealership offering a vast selection of new and pre-owned BMW vehicles. It provides sales, service, and parts with exceptional customer care.


Nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, this dealership caters to the needs of car enthusiasts and BMW loyalists alike, ensuring every visitor receives top-notch service. From the latest models to certified pre-owned cars, their inventory is carefully curated to provide customers with the best selection.


BMW of Fort Lauderdale also prides itself on a knowledgeable staff, ready to assist with financing options, car maintenance, and any other automotive needs. Whether you’re in the market for a luxurious ride or need expert care for your current BMW, this dealership stands as a beacon of excellence in the automotive industry.

BMW of Fort Lauderdale: Ultimate Driving Luxury Unveiled



 BMW Of Fort Lauderdale


Welcome to the sun-kissed splendor of BMW of Fort Lauderdale. This haven for automotive enthusiasts offers more than just a car purchase; it’s an entryway into a world of luxury and innovation. In the heart of Florida, BMW of Fort Lauderdale is the perfect blend of expert service and high-end selection.


The Birthplace Of Automotive Luxury


BMW has long set the golden standard for luxury vehicles. From sleek designs to state-of-the-art technology, the brand breathes elegance into every car it builds. BMW of Fort Lauderdale proudly continues this legacy. It showcases a vast inventory of models that promise both style and performance.

  • Latest Models: Showroom featuring the newest innovations
  • Pre-Owned Excellence: Rigorously inspected, certified vehicles
  • Customer Service: Unmatched, with a focus on individual care


The Bmw Brand In The Sunshine State


The BMW presence in Florida is a testament to the brand’s adaptability and appeal. Despite the endless summer, BMW of Fort Lauderdale offers cool comfort with climate-controlled showrooms and personalized shopping experiences.

Feature Description
State-of-the-Art Facility Cutting-edge architecture housing the latest BMW advancements.
Attentive Staff Experts ready to assist and elevate your car-buying journey.
Service & Maintenance Dependable aftersales support for your BMW’s longevity.

Showroom Experience


BMW of Fort Lauderdale offers an inspiring showroom experience. Step into a world where luxury and technology meet. Every visit feels personalized. From the latest models to the warm customer relations, expect an unforgettable encounter.


Virtual Tour Preview


Take a sneak peek before your visit with a virtual tour. Discover the sleek design of our showroom from anywhere. This interactive experience showcases the beauty of BMW cars. Click through various areas at your own pace.


Personalized Customer Service


Customer care at BMW of Fort Lauderdale stands out. Our team ensures your needs are the top priority. Questions? Need guidance? Personal advisors are ready to assist. Enjoy a car buying experience that is tailor-made for you.


Exclusive BMW Inventory


BMW of Fort Lauderdale shines in its vast selection of luxury vehicles. Visitors discover a world where performance and luxury meet. Each model showcases German engineering at its finest. The showroom is a haven for BMW enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


Latest Models And Innovations


The latest BMW lineup awaits at BMW of Fort Lauderdale. Every sleek vehicle stands out with cutting-edge features. Prospective buyers admire the fusion of style, technology, and performance.

  • BMW Series: From the sporty 2 Series to the luxurious 7 Series, choices abound.
  • BMW X Models: SUVs that combine comfort with capability.
  • iPerformance: Electric and hybrid options for eco-conscious drivers.
  • M Models: Power-packed performance for the track day aficionado.

Customers experience the thrill of innovation with advanced features such as iDrive infotainment systems, gesture control, and semi-autonomous driving aids. Each vehicle delivers an exhilarating drive with class-leading technology.


Certified Pre-owned Collection


Our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) collection offers an elite range of vehicles. Each one passes a rigorous inspection process. Peace of mind comes standard with our CPO BMWs, all featuring:

Feature Detail
Comprehensive Inspection Every CPO BMW is vetted for quality, ensuring pristine condition.
Warranty Protection A generous warranty backs each CPO BMW, for worry-free ownership.
Roadside Assistance Round-the-clock support should you ever need it.
Vehicular History Report Know your vehicle’s past for complete transparency and confidence.

Our CPO BMWs deliver exceptional value and unyielding performance. They are an ideal choice for customers wanting both luxury and assurance in their purchase.

BMW of Fort Lauderdale: Ultimate Driving Luxury Unveiled



Customization And BMW Individual


Customization and BMW Individual offer an elevated car-buying experience. These programs allow drivers to infuse their personality into their new BMW. At BMW of Fort Lauderdale, personal luxury takes center stage as buyers delve into a world of colors, materials, and finishes. Transform a car from a mode of transport into an extension of individual style.


Tailoring Your BMW To Your Taste


A tailor-made suit fits each contour of the body with perfection. Similarly, BMW of Fort Lauderdale helps to sculpt your dream car to your exact preferences. Choose from a vast spectrum of exterior paints, wheel designs, and interior trimmings.

  • Exterior Paint: Select from vibrant hues or sleek monochromes.
  • Wheels: Variety of sizes and styles to complement the design.
  • Interior Trimmings: High-quality leathers and woods for a luxurious cabin.


Unique Features And Bespoke Options


Your BMW, your rules. BMW Individual is where one-of-a-kind features come to life. Interior options range from personalized stitching to bespoke comfort features. Find exclusive combinations not available for the mainstream models.

Feature Category Description
Upholstery Personlized color palettes and patterns in premium materials.
Trim Exquisite woods and metals, hand-finished to perfection.
Entertainment State-of-the-art systems for an immersive on-road experience.


Cutting-edge Technology


Experience the future of driving with BMW of Fort Lauderdale’s cutting-edge technology. These advanced features blend luxury with functionality. They offer drivers an experience that is both intuitive and safe. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply looking for the best in vehicle innovation, BMW’s latest offerings will redefine your driving experience.


Infotainment And Connectivity


Stay connected and entertained on the road with BMW’s state-of-the-art infotainment systems.

  • iDrive System: Intuitive controls and a sharp display make navigation a breeze.
  • BMW ConnectedDrive: Access your digital world seamlessly with this smart technology.
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto: Use your favorite apps safely while driving.
  • Wireless Charging: Keep your devices powered up without the clutter of cables.

BMW’s infotainment brings you closer to your car and the road ahead. It turns every drive into a pleasure.


Safety Systems And Driver Assistance


Safety is a cornerstone of BMW’s technology suite. These cutting-edge systems ensure driver peace of mind.

Feature Description
Active Cruise Control Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, even in traffic.
Lane Departure Warning Stay in lane with alerts if you drift.
Parking Assistant Effortless parking with automated guidance.
Collision Warning Prevent accidents with early threat detection.

With BMW’s driver assistance, you can focus on the joy of driving while the technology handles the rest. Trust BMW to keep you safe.


Finance And Lease Offers


Exploring a BMW should be as smooth as driving one. At BMW of Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find tailor-made finance and lease offers. Get behind the wheel of your dream car with ease. Benefit from deals crafted to match your lifestyle. Step into luxury with financial savvy!


Competitive Financing Options


Secure the best possible rate for your new BMW. Our competitive financing options are here to fit your budget. The finance team works tirelessly to craft a plan that aligns with your financial goals.

  • Low-interest loans available
  • Flexible terms to reduce monthly payments
  • Quick and straightforward application process

We connect with various lenders to ensure you receive a deal that’s as impressive as the BMW you drive.


Exclusive Lease Specials And Programs


Lease your BMW and enjoy the latest models. Our exclusive lease specials and programs are designed to maximize value. Drive a new BMW more often with less commitment.

  • Customized mileage plans
  • Option to upgrade at lease end
  • No long-term maintenance worries

Explore the full suite of exclusive offers available. Let BMW of Fort Lauderdale elevate your driving experience.


After-sales Services


Driving away in your new BMW from BMW of Fort Lauderdale marks just the beginning. A suite of after-sales services ensures your vehicle stays in peak condition. These services guarantee performance, safety, and longevity. From expert maintenance to genuine parts, BMW of Fort Lauderdale has you covered.


Maintenance And Repair


Regular upkeep is crucial for your BMW’s health. BMW of Fort Lauderdale offers comprehensive maintenance services. This keeps your car performing like new. With factory-trained technicians, your BMW is in good hands. These services include:

  • Oil Changes: Keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Brake Inspections: Safety comes first with regular brake checks.
  • Tire Services: From alignment to rotation for optimal performance.

Unexpected issues? The repair team at BMW of Fort Lauderdale handles everything. This includes engine troubles to transmission glitches. They use the latest diagnostic tools. This ensures quick, accurate fixes every time.


Genuine Parts And Accessories


Enhance your BMW experience with genuine BMW parts and accessories. Each item is designed to fit and function perfectly with your vehicle. BMW of Fort Lauderdale prides itself on offering an extensive inventory. This includes:

Part/Accessory Benefit
Replacement Parts: Match BMW’s strict quality standards.
Performance Upgrades: Boost your BMW’s capabilities.
Customization Options: Personalize to match your style.

With authentic BMW parts and accessories, your car remains as genuine as the day you bought it. Plus, every part comes with a warranty. This provides peace of mind with each purchase.


Community Engagement And Events


BMW of Fort Lauderdale shines not just in delivering top-class vehicles but also in weaving strong community ties. This dealership plays a pivotal role in bringing people together. It boosts local pride through various events and activities. Enjoyment and goodwill spread far as the community gathers to celebrate, thanks to the efforts of BMW of Fort Lauderdale.


Local Events And Sponsorships


A sense of unity blossoms in Fort Lauderdale as BMW steps up to sponsor local events. From art fairs to charity runs, BMW is there. This active involvement reflects their commitment to the city’s social fabric.

  • Art and Culture Festivals
  • Sports Team Partnerships
  • Charitable Fundraisers
  • Education and Youth Programs

Customer Appreciation Activities


BMW of Fort Lauderdale delights in rewarding its customers. Appreciation events are crafted to thank loyal patrons. These activities create lasting memories.

Event Type Description Frequency
Exclusive Test Drives Try new models before anyone else Quarterly
Service Clinics Learn about car care from experts Bi-Annually
Customer Galas Enjoy entertainment and gourmet food Annually


Why Choose BMW Of Fort Lauderdale?


Exploring the right place to buy your next BMW is just as vital as the model you settle on. BMW of Fort Lauderdale stands out as a beacon for luxury car lovers. A seamless blend of top-notch customer service, a wide array of vehicles, and personalized experiences awaits you. It’s not only about selling cars—it’s about fulfilling dreams and creating lasting relationships.


Commitment To Excellence


At BMW of Fort Lauderdale, excellence is the norm. Our skilled professionals pride themselves on their extensive knowledge about BMW vehicles. Their expertise ensures clients get the perfect match for their lifestyle. Every staff member is dedicated to providing a premium service that aligns with the BMW brand.

  • Highly trained sales team
  • Exceptional maintenance and repair services
  • Genuine BMW parts and accessories
  • State-of-the-art facility


Future Of BMW In Fort Lauderdale


BMW continues to innovate and redefine luxury driving. The car aficionado community in Fort Lauderdale eagerly awaits BMW’s fresh roster of vehicles. With a future brimming with possibilities, BMW cements its role as a leader in automotive excellence.


Upcoming Releases And Updates


Expect to see the latest BMW models cruising the sunlit roads of Fort Lauderdale. These vehicles boast top-tier features and unmatched performance. Each new release brings excitement and anticipation among enthusiasts.

  • BMW iX: The epitome of an all-electric SAV.
  • BMW i4: A sleek, electric Gran Coupe for elegant sustainability.
  • Update for BMW Series: Cutting-edge tech across the range.


Sustainability And Electric Mobility


BMW’s commitment to sustainable driving is evident in Fort Lauderdale. The city supports eco-friendly vehicles with charging stations and green initiatives. BMW’s electric models exemplify this dedication to the planet.

Model Range Features
BMW i3 Up to 153 miles Emission-free driving
BMW i8 Up to 18 miles (electric only) Plug-in hybrid technology
BMW of Fort Lauderdale: Ultimate Driving Luxury Unveiled



Where Is The Largest Bmw Dealership In The Us?


The largest BMW dealership in the United States is BMW of Manhattan, located in New York City.


What Happened To BMW Vista?


BMW Vista, an authorized BMW dealership, was rebranded or closed, likely due to corporate restructuring or local business decisions. Customers may now seek services at nearby BMW centers.


Who Is The Owner Of BMW Group?


The BMW Group, also known as Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, is owned by public shareholders. The corporation is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Where Are Most Bmws Made?


Most BMWs are manufactured in Germany, the brand’s home country, with significant production also occurring in the United States, specifically in Spartanburg, South Carolina.




Exploring BMW of Fort Lauderdale has been an exciting journey. This dealership stands out for its impressive selection and customer service excellence. Remember, whether seeking a new luxury ride or quality service, they’re a top choice. Drive into the future with confidence by choosing BMW of Fort Lauderdale.


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