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On Site COVID Antibody Testing
COVID Antibody Testing

Are there COVID-19 Testing centers near me?

Our healthcare providers at Safe Care Express Urgent Care will provide you with assistance on the requirement for being evaluated for novel corona virus (COVID-19) testing.  As the numbers of instances decline in some states it increases in others and Americans travel. Testing has become mandatory for some employment. We have trusted Health Care Professionals and understand your peace of mind regarding this global pandemic. You can get a COVID-19 diagnostic test, whether or not you feel that you have symptoms.  Tests are given in a safe, fast, and simple procedure. Contact us for more information. 

You will not be asked about immigration status.

Updated COVID-19 Data for Pennsylvania 

Repeat COVID-19 Testing

If you have already been tested in the past and found negative for COVID-19 Antibodies, you should get another test if: 

You are spending time in large crowds without practicing proper social distancing and/or the use of personal protective equipment (ie face masks, disposable gloves).  There are concerns that there may have been some exposure to someone with confirmed or possible COVID-19.  Your work may be public-facing and there is noticeable public non-practice of maintaining physical distancing and non-practice of wearing face-covering.  Your job may entail working with the sick or elderly or you are planning to visit someone sick or elderly.  There is a strong belief you have symptoms of COVID-19.

Testing is by appointment only. Residents who believe they have been in close contact with our Safe Care Express team with a case and your symptoms and inform us that you would like to be tested. This can be assessed by calling us subject COVID-19 testing @ 610-816-5534.

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