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After Hours Express Care

​​Safe Care Express Urgent Care provides Fast, Effective and Affordable Express Care When You Need it Most.

Safe Care Express professional health care staff are here to handle the urgent healthcare needs for patients of all ages—even during evenings and on weekends. After hour clinic care walk in  are welcome at our convenient Wyomissing, PA facility, offering expert care for a wide range of illness and injuries that can’t wait for a standard appointment.

We accept most major insurances—so don’t delay getting the care you need. Call us at ✆ 1-610-465-5050 to find our after-hour clinic.

After Hours Care vs. Emergency Care: When to Seek Each

When you have serious medical needs, it is good to understand what is and is not a true emergency which can save time, money and most importantly—your life:

Safe Care Express Urgent Care after hours care is designed specifically for the diagnosis and treatment of non-life threatening conditions, illnesses or injuries that need immediate attention. Common conditions we treat include:

✅ Back strains
✅ Difficult or painful urination
✅ Earaches or infections
✅ Fever or flu-like symptoms
✅ Mild allergic reactions
✅ Mild asthma
Minor burns
✅ Minor trauma, such as an ankle sprain
✅ Minor eye injuries, infections, or irritations
✅ Muscle aches and pains
✅ Persistent diarrhea
✅ Rash without fever
✅ Severe sore throats, cough and colds
✅ Sprains and minor fractures
✅ Vomiting
Typically, we can treat these types of mild or minor situations right away, helping you avoid a lengthy—and costly—trip to the ER. If you need further evaluation, we’ll refer you to the right specialist and closely follow your recovery.

Emergency care is usually reserved for severe, life-threatening conditions, including:

✅ Loss of balance or fainting
✅ Newborn baby with a fever
✅ Persistent bleeding
✅ Seizures without a previous diagnosis of epilepsy
✅ Severe burns
✅ Stroke
✅ Sudden, severe headache
✅ Sudden testicular pain or swelling
✅ Vaginal bleeding with pregnancy
✅ Vision loss
✅ Weakness or paralysis
✅ Abdominal pain
✅ Broken bones or dislocated joints
✅ Chest pain
✅ Deep cuts that require stitches
✅ Difficulty breathing
✅ Difficulty speaking, altered mental state or confusion
✅ Heart palpitations
✅ Head injuries or other major trauma
✅ High fevers or fevers with rash
✅ Intestinal bleeding
Of course, it’s not always easy to evaluate the seriousness of your condition. If you have any doubt, call 911 immediately or visit your nearest emergency room.​
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