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The advancement of technology has immensely made the execution of various tasks easy. Various sectors are now enjoying incorporating technology into their activities and tasks—one of the sectors that have benefited from technological advancement in healthcare. Currently, the healthcare sector is witnessing services such as telemedicine services, Urgent Care, and enhanced medical service. This makes access to health care easier and faster. For instance, telemedicine entails integrating modern technology and telecommunications to offer improved interactive healthcare services. This technology allows doctors and patients to interact via live videos and teleconference, enabling virtual Urgent Care. Diagnosis is made with professional immediate medical service, and follow-up is even provided online. This approach has really provided time management in the healthcare sector.

Safe Care Express Offers Telehealth and Telemedicine Service in Pennsylvania.

Patients need to be very careful when looking for telemedicine, telehealth, or virtual care services. Not all organizations or healthcare centers that claim to offer these services can be relied upon. This will enable you to get value for your money by being subjected to urgent but credible health care services. One of the organizations you can rely on is Safe Care Express urgent care, located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

What are some Benefits of Virtual Visits?

Convenient and Fast Service: We have professional, caring doctors who will provide immediate virtual conferencing from your home, office, or at your convenient location. If deemed necessary, our doctor can provide the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

We are Affordable: Our telehealth service cost is less than a normal cost of an urgent care or emergency room visit.

Secure: We are HIPPA Compliant. During your visit, your personal information is safe.

Some additional services of Telemedicine you can enjoy include:

Telemedicine Consultation Services

Trained professional Medical professionals can only provide healthcare consultations. This means you will have to approach or book an appointment with a healthcare specialist to get insight into your health matters. Fortunately, you do not have to travel to your nearest doctor or pharmacist when using our telemedicine services. This is where Safe Care Express Urgent Care comes in handy. This is the most trusted urgent care facility in Reading, Pennsylvania. You will be able to meet and interact with a reliable Doctor. Use this chance to ask questions related to your health, and you will get feedback within the shortest time possible. Furthermore, you can use this chance to know about your health status. Most diagnostic evaluations can be carried out on you to establish the state of your health. No doubt this exercise will save you a lot of time that would be spent traveling to the nearest hospital or doctor. It is truly your decision, but we at Safe Care Express want to make your experience the best possible.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Allergies (Seasonal)
Asthma (For Adults Only)
Back Strains and Sprains (For Adults Only)
Bronchitis (For Adults Only)
Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
Common Cold
Influenza (Flu)
Minor Burns or Lacerations
Painful Urination (For Adults Only)
Sinus Infections
Upper Respiratory Illness
Urinary Tract Infections (For Adult Females Only)
Yeast Infections (For Adults Only)

Personalize healthcare services

It is always stressful when you have to make long queues at the hospital as you wait for someone to attend to. This occurrence brings fatigue and has even resulted in deaths since some patients are not attended to in due time. Fortunately, Telemedicine services are bound to relieve you from that torment. This service will give you a chance to have personalized healthcare. In that connection, you will have your own doctor to attend to you well. This is very efficient in that the doctor gets to know more about you personally. Also, the diagnosis will be made in a short period of time. The PCP can provide the right treatments to you with immediate care, and professional follow-up on your health will be done easily. The doctor will be dealing with you alone; hence, it will be easier for him or her to monitor your progress. This is the best Telemedicine service you can make the most out of it. It will allow you to keep your health in check all the time.

Accepts health insurance policies

Health insurance policies are among the best things to ever happen to the health sector. These policies allow you to find quality healthcare at a reduced price. You have to be committed to paying the set premiums and enhanced healthcare services provided for you. Health insurance policies are also being offered in Telemedicine. This is an initiative that has come to the aid of many patients. Patients can now get urgent treatment without having to pay high fees. Safe Care Express Urgent Care, a leader in patient care, has incorporated various healthcare services through health insurance policies. Some of the major health insurance accepted are AmeriHealth, Gateway, Medicare, and Medicaid. Holders of these insurance policies can enjoy quality care and services being offered.

Patient education courses

Patients need to be educated on adopting a healthy lifestyle and minding about their health. This means they have to enroll in some courses that will help them in that line. This telemedicine service exposes patients to courses such as nutrition, oncology among many more. These are courses that are pursued online at SafeCare Express Urgent Care. You will be taught how to live healthy, eat a balanced diet, exercise and seek the right medical attention. The insight and knowledge you receive through medical visits are crucial in ensuring you keep many diseases at bay. Feel free to enroll as soon as possible. You will be in for a great treat.


The inclusion of telehealth services has really been of much help in the health sector. It has ensured patients receive medical attention urgently and the right follow-up is done. These services are very efficient and effective considering how they will be packaged. It is up to you to find the right provider of these services. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, then you have a reliable provider at your disposal. Safe Care Express Urgent Care administers some of the best patient care services you can expect a professional medical service provider should give to patients. If you are in immediate need of medical care and want to speak to one of our physicians  CLICK HERE.

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The terms telemedicine and telehealth have been used interchangeably. Telehealth refers to the broad range of services that provide patient care and improve the healthcare system as a whole.
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