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Prostate cancer has become one of the main types of cancer among men in the recent past. Thousands of men succumb annually to this type of cancer all over the world and this has caused a lot of concerns. Thousands of men also get depressed after learning that they have prostate cancer and a significant percentage of these men end up committing suicide. Because of this huge concern the month of November was dedicate to men with prostate cancer and those who suffer from depression as a result of being affected by this type of cancer.

As a way of showing that the month of November is dedicated to men’s health and wellness the month is commonly known as Movember. This –Mo- in the word November comes from the fact that men grow mustache and beard in this month to create awareness. The Movember movement encourages men all over the world to grow mustache and beard in this month as a way of showing that they stand with the men affected by prostate cancer. The movement started as a small thing but it has since grown to different parts of the world. Even prominent people in the society have joined this movement in an effort of creating awareness about the effects of prostate cancer.

The main objective of having the annual Movember month is to help men and other people in the society understand about prostate cancer. In this month men are encouraged to visit medical clinics near them for checkups. This is meant to help men be able to establish whether they have this type of cancer. The importance of this is that most men who die from this type of cancer usually know they are affected when it is almost too late. But if they had been checked in the early stages of the cancer it would have been easier to deal with the condition.

Another primary objective of Movember is to encourage men to get urgent care if they have prostate cancer. This involves getting into a medical clinic and getting the necessary treatment for this condition. The movement provides financial support to different providers of prostate cancer treatment. This is to ensure that men in different parts of the world can get the necessary treatment in an affordable manner. This has been effective because there are a lot of men who had been succumbing to this condition simply because they could not afford the treatment. But with the intervention of this movement a huge percentage of such men are able to afford the necessary treatment.

In the month of November men affected by prostate cancer are also encouraged to seek help to avoid being affected by depression. This is attributed to the fact that there are a lot of men who commit suicide or refuse to get medical help after being affected by this type of cancer. Most of such men tend to think that there is nothing else they can do after getting prostate cancer. During Movember such men are educated to let them know that there are better ways of dealing with this type of cancer. These men are encouraged to take care of their health and wellness so that they can deal with this condition more effectively. Because of the efforts of the Movember movement more men have been seeking the necessary help to cope with prostate cancer.

This annual event also seeks to educate people who are around men affected by this type of cancer. These include family members, friends, colleagues and other people who are close to the affected men. The importance of creating awareness among such people is that they play a significant role in the health of the affected men. Such people are the ones who provide emotional support including reminding the affected men to visit medical clinics for treatment. These people also reduce the stress level among affected men by providing them with unconditional love. When these people are enlightened they understand how to handle the affected men and as a result help these men deal with their conditions more conveniently.

The fact that during Movember men who have lost their lives to prostate cancer and stress related to this cancer are remembered makes this month significant. Remembering the victims of this condition plays a major role in creating awareness among men who tend to think that they are perfectly healthy. Such men tend to give more thoughts to this type of cancer and they eventually go for checkups. Remembering victims of prostate cancer and the related stress further help families which have lost loved ones because of these tragedies be able to cope with the losses in a better manner.

The annual Movember period during the month of November has had tremendous results. A lot of people around the world have understood prostate cancer and its effects in a better manner. But there are still people who do not understand about how to deal with this cancer and its effects. Consequently, the Movember movement seeks to enlighten the people who do not have this understanding. It also helps people who do not have the means to deal with this condition.

Because of the importance and effectiveness of the Movember movement a lot of people and companies have been associated with it. There are celebrities and other prominent people who grow mustache and beard in this month as a way of supporting these efforts. There are also big corporations which have partnered with this movement to provide financial and moral support. The movement has been spreading rapidly and now it is almost in every part of the world. The number of men who have benefited from the efforts of the movement has also been increasing rapidly.

During Movember almost anyone in any part of the world can contribute to the efforts of enlightening the society about prostate cancer and its effects. There is even an online competition known as Moscars. This particular competition involves submitting videos showing involvement in this movement. The videos need to be less than four minutes and to have content related to involvement in the Movemeber movement. There are judges who go through the submitted videos and winners get various prices. This further encourages people to be part of this helpful movement.

The success of the Movember movement shows that it is an important aspect in the lives of men all over the world. The many men who have benefited in this month are a clear indication that it is a helpful movement. Anyone who can be able to help in any way is encouraged to participate in the month of November. Therefore, the month of November plays a big role in the lives of the men affected by prostate cancer and also those affected by depression arising from the effects of prostate cancer.

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