what is the left side of a car

March 6, 2023
what is the left side of a car

What is the Left Side of a Car?

It might not initially seem important, but understanding the left-hand side of a car can be immensely useful, especially when it comes to repairs or inspections.

The Left Side of a Car Includes:

  • Headlight – the round circular-shaped lamps typically located to the extreme left-hand side of a car’s front
  • Fender – the sheet-metal covering of the front left tire
  • Grille – the front opening for air intake on the car, supported by a grid design
  • Mirror – the left-hand side mirror and its adjustment
  • Wiper Blade – the left windshield-cleaning rubber strip and its accompanying washer fluid sprayer
  • Engine – the left part of the engine, typically housed in the left-hand side of the car’s hood
  • Brake Line – the assembly of brake lines located on the left-hand side of the car
  • Coolant System – the left-hand side of the car’s coolant system, typically located at the front of the engine block
  • Exhaust System – the left-hand side of the car’s exhaust system

The left side of a car is very important to consider when repairing, inspecting, or performing general maintenance on the vehicle. Knowing the individual components of a car’s left side can help you save time, energy and money.

Having a basic understanding of the left side of a car can also make you a more confident driver, as you know what all the various parts do and how they help the car to run more smoothly.

Take some time to explore the different elements of your car’s left side, and find out what makes it tick!


The left side of a car is an important aspect of the overall mechanics and performance of the vehicle. It includes a headlight, fender, grille, mirror, wiper blade, engine, brake line, coolant system and exhaust system. Having a basic knowledge of these components can make the maintenance and repair of the car’s left side easier and more efficient.

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