what do i need to sell my car

March 6, 2023
what do i need to sell my car

What Do I Need to Sell My Car?

Selling a car is an exciting but challenging process. You must first make sure your car is in good condition and is compliant with state and federal regulations before you can sell it. Preparing yourself ahead of time and gathering the necessary documents will make the selling process go much smoother.

What Documents Do I Need?

Before you can legally sell a car, there are several documents that you need to have in order to prove your ownership of the vehicle and clear yourself of any liability regarding it.

  • TITLE: You’ll need a valid title from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This will prove that you are the owner of the car as well as list any lien holders on the vehicle.
  • REGISTRATION: You must present your current car registration, which displays that all taxes and fees have been paid.
  • BILL OF SALE: You will need to provide a bill of sale that includes your and the buyer’s name, address and signatures.
  • RECEIPT OF SALE: Make sure the buyer is aware of his/her obligation to register the vehicle, and provide him or her with a receipt of sale.
  • EMISSIONS TEST: Depending on the state, you may be required to present an emissions test with the transfer of ownership documentation.

Preparing Your Car for Sale

Before you put your car up for sale, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to make it attractive to potential buyers.

  • MAINTENANCE: Change the oil, tires, and all necessary fluids and filters. Also, include any receipts or proof of the performed maintenance.
  • CLEANLINESS: Make sure the exterior and interior of the car is thoroughly cleaned. Vacuum the mats, dust dashboard and windows, and wax the exterior.
  • REPAIRS: If there are any minor issues, fix them a head of time. Things like dents, scratches, broken headlights and malfunctioning electrical components should be addressed.
  • DOCUMENTS: Be able to provide proof of recent repairs, maintenance, and any parts that were replaced.


By having all of the documents, maintenance records, and repairs completed prior to selling your car, you can prove to potential buyers that your car is in great condition, and will give them peace of mind that they’re getting a great deal.

Happy Selling!

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