what color is positive on a car battery

March 4, 2023
what color is positive on a car battery

What Color is Positive on a Car Battery?

When replacing or currently maintaining a car battery, a basic understanding of it’s infrastructure and components is essential. Knowing what color is the positive lead on a car battery is especially important. This knowledge can help minimize risks, prevent accidents, and even save lives.

Positive and Negative Terminals

A car battery can typically be broken up into two components, the positive and negative terminals. The positive terminal is typically on the right side while the negative terminal is on the left side. You can easily recognize the positive terminal due to its typically red coloring, while the negative terminal has either a black, green, or white coloring.

Staying Safe While Working on Your Vehicle

As with any other car maintenance project, taking the proper safety steps is always key. Before working with any car battery, it is important to always remove all the jewelry off your hands and wear the proper safety clothing and eyewear. In addition, never perform any battery maintenance while the car is running and make sure to use the proper tools. Once all these steps are done, it is time to work with the car battery.

How to Identify Positive on a Car Battery


  • Red Coloring
  • Right Side of Battery
  • Plus Sign (+)


  • Black, Green, or White Coloring
  • Left Side of Battery
  • Minus Sign (-)

That’s it! Keep in mind that many car batteries also have clear markings that identify the positive and negative terminals. So if you find yourself ever unsure of where the positive or negative lead is located, simply take a step back and take a look at the battery itself.


The positive lead on a car battery is always easy to identify. Just look at the right side of the battery and you will easily spot the red coloring. This information is essential for the safety of the car owner, mechanics, and bystanders alike. Keep this information in your mind the next time you are working with a car battery.

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