Or less Care for Store-Bought Roses in 60 Seconds!

February 18, 2023
Or less

Care for Store-Bought Roses in 60 Seconds!

Care for Store-Bought Roses in 60 Seconds!

Whether you’re giving roses as a gift or just prettifying your house, proper care will ensure your blooms last as long as possible. Here are a few quick tips for anyone who has just purchased some beautiful roses:

Step 1: Re-cut the stems.

Once you get the roses home, you should immediately trim the stem ends by approximately one inch, using a sharp knife. This will create an optimal surface area for the stem ends to absorb more water, ensuring your roses stay alive and healthy.

Step 2: Remove any extraneous foliage.

After cutting the stems, go through and remove any leaves that are too low on the stems and below the water level. This will help to prevent bacteria from forming in the water and ensure an even distribution of nutrients to each stem.

Step 3: Fill your vase.

Fill the vase with warm water and, if desired, add a preservative packet to help prolong the life of your flowers, typically found at most garden centers. The preservative will help your flowers last up to 25% longer.

Step 4: Place the roses.

Finally, delicately place the stems of your roses into the vase and arrange them to your liking.

Additional Tips:

  • Change the water: Change out the water in the vase every few days to help prevent bacteria growth and to keep your roses looking fresh.
  • Remove wilted blooms: Cut away any dead blooms and leaves, as this will help new blooms to bloom and can help the rest of your bouquet last longer.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat: Roses typically love a bit of indirect sunlight, but too much exposure to the sun and heat will cause them to wilt quickly. So make sure to keep your roses away from direct sources of heat.

Following these quick and easy steps will help keep your roses looking beautiful and healthy. Enjoy your beautiful bouquet!

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