Navigate Around LA Without a Car: 60-Minute Guide

February 19, 2023
Navigate Around LA Without a Car: 60-Minute Guide

Navigate Around LA Without a Car: 60-Minute Guide

Los Angeles is known for its famous car culture and traffic, but it’s totally possible to get around LA without owning a car. In this 60-minute guide, you’ll be able to explore anyLos Angeles neighborhood without owning or renting a car.

Plan Ahead and Choose Your Transportation Method

The best way to get around without a car is to plan ahead and choose your preferred form of transportation. Consider using:

  • Public transportation – Whether it’s the metro, bus, or train, you can use public transportation to get around quickly.
  • Ride-hailing apps – Cost-effective and convenient, ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft make it easy to get around quickly.
  • Bicycle – Riding a bike is a great way to explore LA and its many bike paths.
  • Walking – There’s no better way to explore a city than to walk through it. The more you walk the more you’ll get to know the city and its neighborhoods.

Figure Out the Right Route

Once you’ve chosen your preferred transportation method, it’s time to map out the best route. For public transportation and ride-hailing apps, make use of online planners such as Moovit or Google Maps to plan out the best route. For bike and walking trips, use tools like RideApp or Streetwise to find the best route.

Know What’s Around You

When navigating around Los Angeles without a car, it’s important to know what is around you. Google Maps can be a great tool to find nearby restaurants, shops, and attractions. With its street view feature, you can even familiarize yourself with the area before you visit.

Stay Safe

When exploring LA without a car, you should always stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings and stay in well-lit public areas. It’s also important to avoid walking or biking alone late at night.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Exploring Los Angeles without a car is a great way to discover new sights and potentially meet new people. Make use of the transit options and online tools available to make your trip around LA an enjoyable one.

Happy exploring!

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