is cars pixar

March 1, 2023
is cars pixar

Cars – Pixar’s Take on the Automotive World

Pixar’s Cars franchise has become a well-loved classic. It’s had three feature length films and there have been countless Cars toys developed over the years, plus an animated television series. But how does Pixar’s version of cars compare to the real thing?

What’s Different?

One of the main differences between Pixar’s cars and the real thing is that Pixar’s cars have personalities and thoughts of their own. In the eyes of the viewer, this brings the cars to life in a way that makes them more relatable, giving them traits that humans can understand and connect to. For example, Lightning McQueen is a character that audiences can relate to. He’s impulsive, and occasionally reckless, qualities that many of us can recognize in ourselves.

Another way that Pixar’s cars differ from their real life counterparts is in the design. For example, Pixar’s cars have bigger eyes in proportion to their body size, making them much more emotive. Additionally, they tend to be unusually sleek and aerodynamic looking, something that isn’t seen as much in the real world.

What’s the Same?

The basic shape of Pixar’s cars, however, keeps things familiar. We all understand the basic design of a four-wheeled vehicle, with two axles, a hood, and other familiar elements. By staying close to the truth in terms of shape, Pixar’s cars are able to retain a sense of realism that’s not present in other forms of animation. We also recognize familiar car parts, like grills and tailpipes, in Pixar’s cars.

Finally, many of the car types stay true to their real world counterparts as well. McQueen is a racing car, while characters like Sally, Fillmore and Ramone are seen driving their classic, vintage models. The Cars characters are able to stay faithful to the source material while simultaneously becoming something new altogether.


All in all, Pixar’s version of Cars is a unique and interesting representation of the automotive world. They manage to keep things realistic while adding a certain amount of flare and personality that captures the imagination of viewers. If nothing else, Cars has shown us once and for all that cars are definitely more than just pieces of machinery.

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