how to remove scratches from car

March 4, 2023
how to remove scratches from car

How to Remove Scratches from Car


Scratches on your car can be a hassle to look at, not to mention the damage done to resale value. To remedy this problem, there are several methods for removing scratches from your vehicle.

One Step Surface Compound Method

  • Step One: Gather a bottle of one-step surface compound and a clean, soft cloth.
  • Step Two: Spray a generous amount of the compound onto the affected area.
  • Step Three: Rub the area in a circular motion with the cloth, applying light pressure.
  • Step Four: Wipe away the excess compound with a soft, dry cloth.

Sandpaper Method

  • Step One: Start with a fresh dry cloth dampened with soapy water to remove any dirt and accumulated grime from the scratched area.
  • Step Two: Using varying sizes of wet/dry sandpaper (ranging from 1000-2000) sand the scratch sufficient to make it level with the paint surrounding it.
  • Step Three: After the scratch is level with the paint, buff the area with a cloth and polisher.
  • Step Four: Add a light coat of wax to the affected area.


Scratches in your vehicle can bring down the quality of the paint and its overall value. To restore your car and make it look brand new again, use one or both of these methods to remove scratches from your car!

How do you fix deep scratches in a car?

The best way to fix deep scratches in a car is to use a car scratch remover. Scratch removers can be found at auto parts stores and are relatively easy to use. Start by cleaning the scratched area, then apply the scratch remover according to the directions on the package. After the scratch remover has had time to set, use a polishing or buffing pad to buff out the scratch. Ensure you use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess product and admire your work!

What is the best way to remove car scratches?

The best way to remove car scratches is to use a scratch removal kit. Kits typically come with sandpaper, buffing pads and polishing compounds which provide a more thorough job than a car wash and wax. For minor, surface-level scratches, buffing the area with a polishing compound can be enough to make them appear less noticeable. For deeper car scratches, using the sandpaper, followed by the polishing compounds, can help make the scratches less noticeable.

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