how to put tesla in car wash mode

March 7, 2023
how to put tesla in car wash mode

Putting a Tesla in Car Wash Mode

Putting your Tesla into car wash mode will help protect the exterior of your vehicle from being scratched, damaged or anything else. Follow these simple steps to have your Tesla ready to go through the car wash in no time.

Step 1: Clean Your Car

Start by cleaning the exterior of your car with a gentle car care product. This will help remove any dirt and debris that could interfere with the car wash.

Step 2: Open and Close All Windows

Before putting your car into car wash mode, manually open and close all four of the windows on your Tesla. This will ensure the car wash service can access all areas of your vehicle.

Step 3: Put the Car into Car Wash Mode

Once your windows are opened and closed, you can put the car into car wash mode. To do this, first press the “sun and stars” icon, then select the “Car Wash” option, followed by the “Activate” option.

Step 4: Monitor Your Tesla

Once your Tesla is in car wash mode, the vehicle will move slowly forward and the windshield wipers will automatically turn on. Monitor your Tesla as it goes through the car wash for any unexpected issues.

Step 5: Exit Car Wash Mode

When your Tesla is safely out of the car wash, press the “sun and stars” icon followed by the “Car Wash” option, and select the “Deactivate” option.

Tips for Protecting Your Tesla

  • Avoid Automatic Car Washes: Automatic car washes usually use harsh chemicals that can be bad for the environment and damaging to the paint of your Tesla.
  • Regularly Clean Your Car: Regularly washing and waxing your car can help protect its exterior and keep it looking good.
  • Inspect the Car Wash: Before putting your Tesla into car wash mode, inspect the car wash for any areas that might be dangerous for the vehicle or could cause damage.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your Tesla in excellent condition when using a car wash.

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