how to haggle car price

February 27, 2023
how to haggle car price

How to Haggle Car Price

Buying a new car is often a stressful experience. One of the most important and most difficult steps of the process is negotiating the sale price. With some tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get the best price possible. Here’s a guide on how to haggle car price:

1. Do Your Research

The more you know, the better. Research on what cars you want, your budget, and options for financing. Also, read up on the specifics of the car you’re interested in – its price, its specs and its competition. All of this research gives you more confidence and knowledge when negotiating.

2. Stay Positive

It may seem intimidating to negotiate with a professional, but keeping a cheerful, friendly disposition will make the entire process smoother. Stay cordial but firm and avoid getting into arguments.

3. Don’t be Late

Often the best prices are available within the first few days of the month. Dealers should be more willing to negotiate on a price if it’s towards the end of the month and their sales targets are yet to be met.

4. Know Your Limits

When you’re in the dealer’s showroom, remember it’s their element. They know their industry better than you and know how to haggle. But at the end of the day, you will always know what’s best for your budget. Stay within your budget, be straightforward, and don’t be afraid to walk away if the deal isn’t right.

5. Use Your Negotiating Points

Always mention facts that you have researched, or have heard from other dealers, to gain an advantage and to support your case.

6. Be Prepared

Know what kind of car you want, what features you’re willing to pay for and what your ideal price is. You should also be ready to haggle or to walk away if needed.

7. Remain Calm

If you lose your temper or get emotional during negotiations, you’re likely to end up paying more than necessary. It’s key to stay calm and collected and to maintain an air of respect and professionalism.


Haggling for a car can be intimidating. But by following these steps and utilising research and negotiation skills, you will get the best deal possible.

Good luck – and happy haggling!

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