how to get spiders out of your car

March 7, 2023
how to get spiders out of your car

Getting Spiders Out of Your Car

If you find yourself stuck with spiders in your car, you don’t have to panic. Here are some simple steps to help you get the spiders out of your car and keep them out:

Find Where They’re Coming From

Typically, spiders crawl into your car through small openings and crevices, so the first step is to find out where they are getting in. Inspect the outside of your car for any openings and close them up with a sealant. This will help prevent new spiders from entering your car.

Vacuum Out the Spiders

Once you’ve identified the openings, it’s time to vacuum out the spiders. Use a vacuum cleaner with an extension to reach all areas of the car, including the air vents, upholstery and crevices. This should help you remove the majority of the spiders from your car.

Keep Spiders Away

Once your car is spider-free, you will want to keep them away. To do this, keep your car clean by vacuuming and cleaning often. You can also spread some ant powder and spider repellent around the exterior of the car to deter spiders from coming back in.

Seek Professional Help

If you’re still seeing spiders in your car even after following these steps, it’s time to seek professional help. A professional exterminator can identify the source of the spiders and find the best solution for getting them out of your car.


Getting spiders out of your car doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Using these steps, you can easily remove unwanted spiders from your car and prevent them from entering in the future. Remember to seek professional help if needed, and soon your car will be spider-free!

How do you keep spiders from coming back in your car?

1. Keep your car clean, vacuum often, and remove any webs;

2. Close windows and doors when not in use;

3. Seal any potential entry points;

4. Use an insect repellent like an essential oil spray;

5. Place check traps around your car;

6. Install outdoor lighting around your car;

7. Keep plants or shrubs around your car trimmed back;

8. Make sure no food is left in your car;

9. Place pantyhose over your air intake.

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