how much is a car inspection in ny

March 6, 2023
how much is a car inspection in ny

Car Inspection Costs in New York

Car inspections are a necessary part of ownership in New York State. Vehicle owners must pay for these inspections regularly in order to keep their cars and trucks on the road. Here is what you should know about car inspection costs in New York.

General Inspection Requirements and Costs

Every vehicle registered in New York State is required to have an annual inspection. The inspection cost is $12.50 plus applicable taxes. The inspection covers items such as:

  • Lights and signals
  • Steering and suspension
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel system
  • Emissions

In order to pass the inspection, the vehicle must meet the minimum safety requirements.

Emissions Inspection Requirements and Costs

In addition to the general inspections, some areas in New York State require vehicles to pass an emissions inspection. The cost for this test is $27.25, plus taxes. The emissions inspection includes an inspection of the onboard diagnostic system, the anti-tampering system, and a visual inspection of the vehicle.

Car Inspection Discounts

There are several ways to save on car inspection costs in New York. Some auto repair shops and dealerships offer discounts for multiple inspections, or for inspections that are done at the same time as oil changes or service visits. Additionally, most auto insurers, credit card companies, and other organizations offer discounts on car inspections.

Bottom Line

Car inspections are an important part of vehicle ownership in New York, and they can be expensive. By understanding the costs involved, examining discounts, and trying to schedule multiple inspections at the same time, you can save money on car inspections.

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