did ice cube boost wc career

March 6, 2023
did ice cube boost wc career

Did Ice Cube Boost WC’s Career?

Westside Connection’s (WC) rise to fame is largely credited to the work of hip hop figure, Ice Cube. Ice Cube’s collaborations with WC as well as his mentorship of the group advanced WC’s rap career and cultivated a massive fan base for the group.

Ice Cube and WC’s Collaborations

Ice Cube and WC’s first collaboration was on the song “Bow Down,” from WC’s 1996 debut album, “Bow Down.” The single was a success and the music video received critical acclaim. Subsequently, WC and Ice Cube created more music together, including tracks from both WC’s and Ice Cube’s solo albums. The success of these collaborations further bolstered WC’s success and solidified their standing as West Coast royalty.

Ice Cube as Mentor

Ice Cube acted as a mentor to WC, offering guidance and advice in the areas of music, performance, and general career advice. Not only did Ice Cube’s mentorship give the group an edge on the competition, but his involvement with WC also gave the group street cred and boosted their cultural relevance.

WC’s Influence

WC’s initial success paved the way for Ice Cube’s solo career. Ice Cube looked to WC’s singles, “Bow Down” “West Up!”, and “Gangsta Nation” as inspiration for his solo projects and his own musical style. These pieces of music also provided the blueprint for artists such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Daz Dillinger.


Ice Cube’s work with WC and the group’s influence on the West Coast hip hop scene is undeniable. WC’s success is largely credited to Ice Cube, who not only collaborated with the group but also served as their mentor. From their historic collaboration to their influential sound, WC and Ice Cube proved that great things happen when great minds come together.

What other projects did Ice Cube produce or act in to help build WC’s career?

Ice Cube has served as executive producer, co-writer, record producer, and/or actor on a slew of WC’s projects, including Westside Connection’s platinum album Bow Down (1996), WC’s solo debut album The Shadiest One (1998), Westside Connection’s Terrorist Threats (2003), The Big Money Militia (2006), Not Chan Yin (2009), The Reincarnation (2013), and West Coast Gangsta Sh*t (2015). He also served as executive producer, co-writer, and/or actor on the music videos “The Gangsta, The Killa, and The Dope Dealer” (2015) and “Westside Connection” (2015).

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